While the popularity of Kratom is growing rapidly, we know that you may still have some questions about it. With this in mind, we have rounded up the most common questions we receive. If you have questions that have not been answered here, you can always write to us at: info@solutionsfinmex.com
Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a medicinal plant and nutritional supplement native to Southeast Asia from the same family as the coffee plant (Rubiaceae). The earliest reported use of kratom dates back to the 19th century, when natives of Thailand and Malaysia chewed kratom leaves for increased energy, pain relief, muscle relaxation, increased sexual desire, and other medicinal uses.
Kratom remained relatively unknown outside of Southeast Asia until recent years. Thanks to the Internet, knowledge of this native Asian plant has spread throughout the world. Today it is estimated that up to 20 million people use kratom daily in the United States alone.

kratom dosage proper amount grams to effects

A very common question That can have a different answer from person to person
What do you need to figure out is why are you taking Kratom, what is the Desired effect you’re looking for. From there you select the appropriate strain. which is explained in our video section. If you’re a first timer, this product is 100%  natural so be ready for a very herbal taste. we recommend to start, wait 30 minutes and take more if you don’t feel relief take another gram. gradually building your way up to the correct amount of Kratom you need,


Common uses for kratom:

  • Kratom is an effective pain relief for all types of pain, including:

– Neuralgia

– Chronic pain

– Acute pain

– Headache / back pain / neck pain

– Minor injuries

– Arthritis

  •  Energy and Focus

Being a cousin of coffee, kratom increases users’ energy levels. However, unlike coffee, kratom does not cause caffeine jitters or caffeine crash. Instead, the anti-anxiety effects of kratom clear the mind allowing the user to enter a state of precise focus

  • Depression/Anxiety

Many people have found relief from depression when other medications don’t work. Kratom can provide the boost of energy and confidence to get out of depression. The alkaloids in Kratom affect neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which improves your mood. Kratom’s ability to combat anxiety is also well known. Calming  the mind from obsessive and compulsive thinking, allowing one to be present and enjoy the moment. The increased mood and energy along with the calm of the mind promote the desire to connect with other people. Many people take kratom to help them at work when dealing with customers and co-workers.

  • Diabetes Management/Appetite Control

Research shows that kratom has a positive impact on blood sugar levels. Kratom alkaloids help modulate insulin and blood glucose. Keeping these two substances level helps prevent spikes and dips associated with diabetes. More kratom can help curb your appetite for sweets and other trigger foods eliminating impulsive eating and cravings for unhealthy foods.

  • Transition/Drug Withdrawal Support

the pain-relieving and mood-boosting effects of kratom as discussed above also make the plant an ideal medicine for people who wish to stop using drugs that cause withdrawal. Many former opiate and alcohol users have successfully used kratom to quit.

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